Softek Barcode Toolkit 30 Day Evaluation

Softek Barcode Toolkit 30 Day Evaluation 7.3

The barcode reader sdk reads barcode information from images and bitmaps

The Softek Barcode Reader Toolkit for Windows is an SDK that enables applications to extract barcode information from images. The API's available in the toolkit include .net, java, com, ocx and windows dll. The standard version includes support for both 1 and 2-D barcodes and special features include the ability to split documents by barcode position.
The SDK is typically used in an application that scans documents containing printed barcodes. The application calls a function in the toolkit to extract the barcode value for an image and then uses this value as a key for a database table. The SDK can also be used in applications that need to detect barcodes in images from cameras.

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